SynapsisTM Automation Software

Synapsis was developed in-house to focus on a specific customer problem and attack it with high-performing, easy-to-use software. It is driven by work lists either created via a LIMS system or by the user. In most instances, liquid handling is the central task and other tasks occur pre- or post-liquid handling.

Synapsis has four core modules: comprehensive logging, device plugin management, error handling and diagnostics. Based on the specific application and customer requirements, the Synapsis GUI is customized by BioNex Solutions to enable flexible control over important variables without sacrificing reliability

Key Benefits

Setup & Teaching

Setup and teaching are performed during system factory setup, but if re-teaching is required, Synapsis includes a user-friendly module dedicated to controlling each axis of the system discretely, enabling precise control in setting teachpoints.

Error Logging

The Errors tab is auto-selected any time an error occurs during protocol execution. An alert tone is played to attract the user's attention and all unhandled errors are highlighted in red.


The Diagnostics menu enables the user to view device-dependent diagnostics for each device on the platform. Diagnostics provides both high-level tasks (e.g., picking and placing labware, pressing on tips, removing tips), and low-level device testing (e.g., jogging and homing individual motors).