Laser Engraver

The HiBeam labware laser engraver is next-generation technology to provide direct indelible microplate marking that is far superior to conventional printed labels. The HiBeam laser marks directly on the microplate surface, thereby eliminating the possibility of adhesive-backed labels becoming detached.

HD Stack

High Density Labware Storage

The HD Stack labware stacker provides high density stacked storage in a small footprint.

The linear design of the HD Stack eliminates dead space between stacks when multiple units are used in parallel on automation platforms maximizing storage capacity in the smallest possible footprint.

Next Generation Hive

Minimize the footprint of your automation system without sacrificing functionality

The Next Generation Hive robot maximizes the use of vertical space in your laboratory while minimizing the depth of the automation platform maximizing user access to devices on both the front and rear of the automation system.

The length and width of the Next Generation Hive Platform is fully customizable and allows for environment control options such as HEPA filtration, heating, cooling or an inert environment.