BioNex Solutions


Nanodrop II/Nanodrop Express

For a complete high-throughput solution for low-volume, high-precision pipetting, try the 8-channel Nanodrop II or the 16-channel Nanodrop Express.
Each system has interchangeable, fixed-tip heads (1×8 or 2×4 configurations for the Nanodrop II and 1×16 or 2×8 configurations for the Nanodrop Express) and comes with two plate positions that enable applications such as assay miniaturization, DNA normalization, method development, PCR and NGS reaction setup, or protein crystallography.

The Nanodrop technology aspirates and dispenses a broad range of liquids, including DMSO, and features the Nanobuilder software system that enables a wide range of applications and data manipulation. This patented technology isolates the solenoid dispense actuators from the sample path to assure long life and easy, low- cost maintenance – even with regular use of difficult suspensions such as proteins, cells and YOx beads.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Sample transfer and bulk reagent addition on the same platform
  • Aspirate and dispense with individual channel volume control
  • Interchangeable 1×8 to 2×4 head; or, 1×16 to 2×8 heads
  • Micro solenoid valves for fast, precise low-volume applications and mixing
  • Exceptional dynamic range (nanoliter to milliliter)
  • Valve-free fluid path for outstanding reliability
  • FEP, SS, sapphire wetted parts compatible with commonly used solvents
  • 96-, 384- and 1536-well plate formats, irregular and flat plate formats supported
  • Deep well and crystallography plates supported
  • Easy to program, easy to automate
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance

Typical Applications

  • PCR template and cocktail additions
  • DNA normalization
  • Assay miniaturization
  • Serial dilution
  • Cell plating
  • Sample transfer
  • Bulk reagent addition
  • Protein crystallography screens
  • MALDI plate spotting

Performance Specifications

Dispense Range

  • Microsolenoids: 0.1 – 80ul
  • 500ul syringe: 5-500ul
  • 1000ul syringe: 5-1000ul

Aspirate Range

  • 500ul syringe: 0-500ul
  • 1000ul syringe: 0-1000ul

Dispense Precision

  • ≤ 10% at 100nl
  • ≤ 7% at 200nl
  • ≤ 5% at 1ul

Residual Volume

  • < 3ul per channel

General Specifications


  • Nanodrop II Fluidics: 13″ H x 11″ W x 18″ D
  • Nanodrop Express Fluidics: 13″ H x 22″ W x 18″ D
  • Stage: 12.7″ H x 9.7″ W x 21.1″ D


  • Nanodrop II Fluidics: 25 pounds
  • Nanodrop Express Fluidics: 50 pounds
  • Stage: 29.5 pounds

Automation Control

  • .NET DLL components


  • RS-232 connectivity, Nanobuilder software