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Tube Auditor

Compact, Versatile, Highly Accessible Design

The BioNex TubeScale is an inexpensive and easy way to add tube volume measurement capability to any automated system.  It utilizes an internal analytical scale to deliver accurate measurements of any 96-tube, SBS-compatible tube rack.  The user has control over the sensitivity of the TubeScale and can use its settings to fine tune the instrument for speed, accuracy, or a balance of the two.  Volume is measured gravimetrically and values are calculated using the characteristics of each tube rack.  New tube racks are easily supported by adding their properties to a configuration file.

Users may also use the included .NET library to quickly integrate the TubeScale into their applications. The API offers clear and concise methods, as well as a help file for documentation.

Key Features and Benefits
• Specify which tubes to measure to reduce cycle times
• Read a full 96 tube rack in as little as 4.5 minutes
• Integrated ionizer eliminates static in tubes prior to measurement

• QC checks
• Material usage tracking

• Highly sensitive and accurate readings
• Minimal movement of samples
• Fast throughput
• Inexpensive alternative to other measurement devices
• Simple to integrate into automated systems

The TubeScale has been tested using a limited number of 96-tube tube racks, but customers may send BioNex sample tube racks for measurement and input into the internal tube rack parameter database.
• Thermo (part number unavailable)
• FluidX (part number unavailable)
• Maple BST-14-RSC-NS
• Micronic M96-2 0.75
• Micronic M96-4 1.40

Compatibility with other types of tube racks (48-tube, Hamilton HDR) is possible with a future software update.

General Specifications
• Volume range: depends upon the tube rack labware
• Height: 410mm
• Width: 405mm
• Depth: 495mm
• Weight: 28.6kg
• Communication: Ethernet
• Electrical: 85~264VAC, 47~63Hz